Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose from various types of cakes and frostings?

Fondant designer cake: It is the most popular choices among wedding couples and customers who wish to impress. Fondant is a type of sugar-based dough that can be rolled out to cover a cake and it is flexible enough to be used in making decorations. Fondant is paired with butter cake which creates beautiful and rich flavor (rich fruit cake, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, orange cranberry, vanilla, brownie, coffee walnut, marble cake, carrot cake and red velvet cake). Fondant cake is best stored in air-conditioned environment since they are extremely sensitive to humidity and hot weather.
Fresh cream and spong cake: Our extensive list of flavor includes chocolate, black forest, lychee martini, strawberry shortcake, blueberry, lemon, cream cheese chocolate and durian. Fresh cream cakes shall be chilled always but it is possible to be displayed in air-conditioned environment for a short period of time. We do not recommend the use of sugar decorations onto fresh cream cakes. It is impossible to replicate a fondant design onto fresh cream cakes.
Cupcakes: Customers have a choice of fondant or fresh cream icing.

2. How do you price your cakes?

We take into account of several factors: dimension and number of cake tiers, complexity of the design, amount of sugar decorations required and flavour.

3. How much notice is required for customizing cakes with Cherylshuen?

We cater to as early as 12 months in advance notice. Most  of the time, 4 weeks is sufficient but our schedule is booked in first come first serve basis with full payment only. Customers who serve a shorter notice are welcome to enquire but privilege will be given to confirmed orders prior to taking new orders.

4. Do you dress your cakes with fresh flowers?

Most of the flowers we obtained from markets are supplied by commercial growers. In order to achieve a bug free environment, growers would apply pesticides and toxic fertilizers. There are chances where the growers would spray the flowers with excessive chemicals such as formaldehydes to achieve the result. These chemicals may cause bleeding nose, or even endangering life as a result threatening reactions. For couples who insist on using fresh flower arrangement, please make sure your cake designer separate the flowers from touching the cakes. In case of budget constraint, couples may also consider using silk flower arrangements as a substitute.

5. I will bake my own cakes, may I purchase sugar flowers and handmolded figurines from you?

Our sugar crafts are very time consuming to make and therefore not available for sale separately without cake purchase.

6. What is the validity of quotation?

We reserves the right to review quotation prices without prior notice. Please call before confirming order. Wedding couples who have booked with a deposit will not be affected by any future price changes.


7. May I change my order date?

A change fee of $50 applies to change of date on designer cake/ dessert order. Cherylshuen operates on bake to order basis, we will forgo job opportunities arise after a slot is confirmed with payment. Kindly note that we are able to accomodate only one change of date per job based on availability of future date selected by customer, within 30days from original order date.


8. May I cancel my order?

Cherylshuen operates on bake to order basis, we will forgo job opportunities arise after a slot is confirmed with payment, cancellation of order with less than 60 days notice is not allowed.

Cancellation of order with more than 60 days of notice, we will deduct 15% service charge from 50% of the total order value, the balance will be refunded by cheque. 


9. Do you duplicate any cake designs?

We take pride in being one of the most creative designer cake professionals. Our Signature  Series are designed to reflect the unique style and personality of our customer's event and it is not meant to be duplicated because no two events are the same.

10. I love the 5 tier cake you designed for Tatler Weddings magazine, we have a solemnisation of 20 guests, may I do the same designs?

For customers who wish to to achieve a larger cake presentation without incurring wastage, we suggest the option of incorporating dummy and real cake tier because not all designs can be successfully scaled up and down. The incorporation of dummy tiers will not cause substantial price difference.

11. I do not reside in Singapore, do you ship overseas?

Long distance transportation of cakes is a costly process that involves intensive planning and coordination. The Cherylshuen team caters delivery by private or chartered plane to any countries within the South East Asia region.