Cherylshuen’s slogan says it all: a cake that tells a dream.

Throughout its twelve and a half years of operation, Cherylshuen demonstrates great strength in its way of providing tailored experience to every customers.

When Chef Pei Shuen first embarked upon her journey of cake decorating some 15 years ago, it was when she was trying to find a suitable wedding cake for her wedding. Back then, the idea of personalizing a cake was not common. Although she was able to find a bakery that made fondant cakes in Ipoh, the designs offered were of limited quality and pre-determined designs. While decent enough, they did not really inspire any excitement, let alone say anything about her as a new bride.

Eventually, she thought of making her own wedding cakes. And then that is when fate stepped in: around the same time, her father was about to fly to New York on a business trip. Before he left, Chef Pei Shuen asked him to bring her a book about fondant cakes. It was upon his return that he gave Chef Pei Shuen a fabulous book named Colette's Wedding Cakes by Colette Peters. From that point on, she knew she had found what would become her life-long passion. That was when she started learning everything about designing wedding cakes.

Just as there are two sides to every coins, Chef Pei Shuen believes there are two sides to every persons: one that we reveal to the world and another one that we keep hidden inside.


The first word of the brand name, Cheryl represents the inner side of Chef Pei Shuen, her belief and pursues. She believes in and respect different opinions and so, it is an inherent part of her job to listen to clients when they talk about who they are and what things are meaningful to them. As a mother, she celebrates and cherishes important events in her life, especially those shared with family and friends. That is how she wishes to make events for her clients: to be remembered and cherished now and in years to come.


Shuen on the other hand, represents Chef Pei Shuen’s outer self and how people get to know her as “Pei Shuen”. Years of drawing and painting training gives her the eyes to beauty and good sense of colours. Being trained in Chinese calligraphy since young gives her the extraordinary observation and execution to details. Cake designs conceptualised are transcribed on paper before they are crafted in the real world, patiently and passionately.